Monday, January 10, 2011

Bir Pazar Gunu/ A Sunday

Dunku pazar gunu 3 gundur ugramadigim hastaneye gittim. Dilara orada oldugu zaman icim rahat ve hemsire olusu yaninda kisiligi, Halis'e ilgisi dolayisiyla cok guven duyuyorum. Ilerisini dusunmek istemiyorum, simdilik boyle.

Bir sure sonra yegeni Boran Cicekli geldi, Halis'e telefonda ablasini dinletti. Boran'a biraz ilgi gosterir gibi olduysa da neyin nekadar duyumsandigindan emin degiliz.

Derken Mehmet Demirel geldi, Halis'i ozlemis. Her zamanki gibi makarna yapma sozunu tekrarladi cunku yaptigi nefis italyan makarnalarina Halis de hepimiz gibi bayilir. Boyle gecen birkac saat sonrasinda eve dondum, berbat bir basagrisiyla gunun kalan kismini gecirdim. Simdi yeni bir hafta ve bu durumda hafta, ay ve gunlerin de sirasi kalmiyor.

Bence bir sure sonra az bir iyilesme olacak. 2011 in fali boyle.

On Sunday, I went to the hospital where I had not been to for 3 days. I feel so comfortable when Dilara is there, not only because she's a trained nurse, but also because I trust her personality and her care for Halis. I don't even want to think about what might happen in the future. This is how it is now.

A little while later, Halis' nephew Boran stopped by. He made Halis listen to his sister on the speaker phone. Though Halis looked like he was attentive to Boran, we are unsure how much he can actually hear.

Then Mehmet Demirel (my brother) came. He had missed Halis. As usual, he told Halis about making pasta for him because Halis, just like all of us, loved Mehmet's Italian pastas. After such a day, I returned home with a terrible headache that stayed with me until the end of the day. Now it's a new week and in this type of situations you lose the order of weeks, months and days.

I predict there is going to be a small improvement after some time. This is my 2011 horoscope.


  1. Defne, I'm sorry to see how much suffering your family are going through. But it is a blessing and a joy to see how much love you, your mother, and your entire family have for your father. He must be a wonderful man. I hope 2011 brings the progress you are all wishing for.
    Love to you and yours,
    Baris seninle olmak,
    Matt Botwin

  2. Matt, thank you for your kind words and for reading the blog. The site has been an amazing outlet for us to verbalize our life with dad, and I love the idea that he is continuing to make new friends through the site, even in his current state.
    Thanks again and lots of love,