Sunday, August 29, 2010


A nice summer sunday morning that i will never forget.
I was on the web on my Facebook account talking with my good friends so i talk with my dear friend Asli as we always do .
I ask her abiut Her Mother Figen she answer me : " Stavros mom is on the hospital.
With no any other thought on my mind i call her and now i am next to him talk with him and her.
I have a laptop on my lap to write for all the friend's of Halis one of a many stories i have for him.
Halis a very democratic person always talk me about the of Greek Turkish FriendShip and relationship because it was of great starters and hard workers of all this from the very hard years of 1989 .
One of our happy raki sofra that we use to make together ask him a very simple question for me :
" Why turkey does not have any democratic rules for humans ? "
He answer me with a very nice words : " Look stavros what are you looking this minute ;
I said a look a forest .
Yes you can look the forest but the leaders here want only for the people to look only the tree this small tree and not beside of this that it is the forest.
But why Halis`?
Stavros listen me always work for good of Greece and Turkish and never look what happen in the goverment because turkey is the Cennet of World but with no respect from nobody.
Halis this my words for you :
"I am work on your footprints and i am always search for the tree and forest and the best of best for the Greece and Turksh Relationship .
I believe on turkey and i am here .

Dostum Seni Cok Seviyorum ....:)
Her Zaman Respect for you her zaman i am here for you.

Stavros Tsioros

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