Monday, May 25, 2009

Kilo Vermek.../Weight Watchers...

Pazar günü babam yine tartıldı. Şu anda yaklaşık 70.6 kilo. Yani bu demek ki son 6 ayda yaklaşık 30 kilo vermiş! İşin (traji)komik tarafı, babam ömür boyu kilo vermeye çalıştı ama spor yapmaktan, hatta son yıllarda neredeyse hareket etmekten nefret ettiği için bir türlü başarılı olamadı. Şimdilerde sürekli yatmasına karşın kilo vermeyi başarıyor! Ama bundan kimse babamın beslenmediği sonucunu çıkarması. Doktorlar günlük kalorisini ve besin ihtiyaçlarını iyi ayarlıyorlar.

They weighed Dad again today. He is about 70.6 kilos, which is roughly 154 pounds. This means he has lost 30 kilos in 6 months... The irony is, he tried to lose weight all his life but hated exercise. Now he is losing weight and doesn't have to exercise at all... But don't get the idea that Dad is malnourished. Doctors are careful in calibrating his caloric intake and nutrition...


  1. Somehow I have this vision that your dad will wake up from this long sleep happy,lean and all rested;ready to write a nice story about it.ayse

  2. Just been listening to a program on Radio 4, they were talking to a guy who had been in a coma for a long time and he said that being played music had a really beneficial effect on his brain activity.
    Apparently something like Mozart or Bach is good or music they are familiar with. It seems logical.
    I know you play music already but with people talking in the background and the machines and a/c it may not come through clearly enough for Halis to follow properly. Maybe a set of headphones for an hour? Maybe you're doing this already. Best wishes.