Monday, April 27, 2009

Halis' Milestones

Every progress should be considered meaningful. Here are some of the latest developments with my dad:
  • Eyes open for the last month and a half
  • More alert/ awake certain periods during the day when he not only opens his eyes (which he does also inadvertently when he is moved or something bothers him), but also he looks like he is understanding/ listening (for the last 4 weeks). I have seen him consistently awake around 8pm Istanbul time for half hr 45 mn to an hour
  • He can follow his gaze if you start all the way on the edge of his eye to the middle - not waving your had in front of him
  • When he is awake, he gets tired and slips back into sleep. You can keep engaging him and extending the awake time by saving a good piece of gossip to that moment, kiss under his eyes or start a song he likes
  • He moved his head to noise in one direction, then to the opposite direction when the source of noise shifted last week
  • He coughed 2 weeks ago
  • He clears his throat
  • He held my mom's hand

Good idea to do things that remind him of daily life for example:
- putting his feet in his shoes and moving
- giving something in his hand and make him hold it
- telling him the date and then the schedule of the week often - just so he gets a bit of time perspective

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